verizon imei cleaning

Verizon Imei Cleaning

$100.00 $70.00


Fraud IMEIs do not work!!

Product Description

Verizon IMEI Cleaning                        3-5 Business Days

Imei Unlock Express provides Verizon IMEI Cleaning for all Verizon Phones. We can unblacklist any Verizon device with our Verizon IMEI Cleaning service. Whether it’s an iPhone, Galaxy, Sony, Android, LG ect. device, IMEI Unlock Express will clean your device. Our Verizon IMEI Cleaning only currently supports IMEIs blacklisted due to being reported stolen or lost.

Why you should you Verizon IMEI Cleaning? 

If you bought a device off of craigslist or ebay, found out your deviced Barred, Blacklisted, Lost, or Stolen, you won’t be able to use it in the United States, only overseas if your device was unlocked. Well by using our Verizon IMEI cleaning service, it allows your iPhone or Verizon Device to work in the United States again.

Warning: No refund for submitted the wrong IMEI. No refund if your iPhone is Not Verizon USA. No refund if your iPhone show financed after clean. No refund if the iPhone owe money in Verizon USA database. Once submitted, you CANNOT cancel, NO exception.

– If the phone is blocked from financing and it gets cleaned and customer try to activate it on Verizon it will immediately go back to blocked.
– If a blocked IMEI is cleaned that has financing, status will still show financing after cleaned.
– If the phone is lost/stolen and cleaned without financing it can be used on Verizon.

Warning: This is NOT unlocking service. This is Cleaning service.

If your IMEI cannot be unblocked, we will refund you your full purchase price in full. Thankyou for your understand and we look forward to doing business. Please do not submit an order if your device is blocked due to fraud, as the IMEI will be returned to us as a fraud IMEI and will not get unblacklisted. Sorry about this in advance.